Nine Indicted in Cell Phone Conspiracy
May 15, 2015

TCORCA announces Operation Blitz: Regional and statewide retail holiday crime suppression detail

Organized Retail Crime (ORC) impacts us all financially, whether by introducing stolen goods into the marketplace, robbing us of our identities and draining our bank accounts and peace-of-mind, or resulting in higher prices at the check-out register. ORC also creates a dangerous environment for the people in our communities to work and shop, and the proceeds are known to fuel the black market, drug trade, and has well-established links to human trafficking and terrorism.

In an effort to combat this during the peak holiday shopping season, the Twin Cities Organized Retail Crime Association (TC ORCA) is facilitating “Operation Blitz” – a coordinated multi-jurisdictional enforcement initiative to target organized retail theft, identity theft, and financial fraud crimes across the region. Participating law enforcement agencies will partner with asset corporate investigators at retail stores and financial institutions in their respective jurisdictions, and work together to proactively identify and act on all criminal activity.

The Twin Cities Organized Retail Crime Association (TCORCA) is a nonprofit coalition of law enforcement, corporate fraud and loss prevention investigators, and prosecuting attorneys from across the state.

According to TCORCA Executive Director Charles Anderson:

At its core, this collaborative effort between the public and private sectors is designed to strengthen partnerships between law enforcement agencies and local retail businesses, create a safe environment for all citizens to enjoy their holiday shopping experience, and send a clear message to the criminal element that organized retail crime, identity theft, and financial fraud will not be tolerated.

Operation Blitz will occur during the primary holiday shopping season in November and December. Prior to the first operational period, participants from the public and private sector will attend a briefing and training session held at the BCA in Saint Paul. At the conclusion of Operation Blitz, TCORCA will publish the statistics/results of the detail, any cases of public importance, and recognize all agencies and businesses that took part.

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